A Plan to Strengthen Public Health by Sport in West Seattle Community

By | January 19, 2018

The Hi- Yu organization is introducing a plan to strengthen public health by sports in west Seattle community. The main objective of the program is to give opportunities to the general public to take part in exercise and sports in order to promote good health. The organization will support a free and independent sport movement which will provide men and woman positive experiences of sports as entertainment.

healthy heart

The sports such as running, cycling, ping pong and walking are great physical activities that are highly beneficial for health of any community.

Health benefits of sports

Playing sports is not only a great source of entertainment and a very fun activity; it also refreshes our mind and strengthens our health. Sports involve activity of each and every muscle of our body and are beneficial to our health in so many ways. There are so many diseases that can be prevented by playing sports. Following are some of the health benefits of promoting sports in any community.

Healthy heart

Activities like Running, Cycling and Ping Pong are great workouts for our body. These activities result in pumping more blood and there are fewer chances of malfunctioning if you exercise regularly. Heart diseases are on the rise worldwide and they affect so many people around the globe. However we can prevent and minimize heart problems in our community by promoting healthy physical activities like running or walking.

healthy heart

Sports help in controlling diabetes

Playing sports helps the insulin in our body to perform in a better way. It helps the people with diabetes to make most of the insulin which is already present in their body. Not only can the sports help the people to better manage their existing diabetic condition, it also helps in reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Lower Hypertension

Hypertension disease which is also known as high blood pressure is responsible for various health complications and can contribute to various serious illnesses such as a stroke or heart disease. The control and prevention of hypertension is absolutely necessary. The best way to control hypertension is by playing sports.  People who indulge in sports and other healthy physical activities can manage and prevent hypertension very easily.

Obesity and weight management

Obesity is a health problem faced by millions of people across the world. Managing a healthy weight is a challenge almost everybody can relate to.

Weight management and obesity can be easily dealt by indulging yourself in sports and other healthy physical activities. Fat cells get burnt and extra calories are shed through rigorous physical activity your body undergoes during sports. People who play sports as part of their routine are naturally leaner and fitter.

Improved Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is improved when you play sports. The body is well oxygenated during any physical activity. So your body gets more healthy and active. Playing sports not only improves your blood circulation but also increases the hemoglobin in your body which increases the volume of your blood and ultimately boosts your health.

Stronger immunity against diseases

Regularly exercising and playing sports can make the body immune to many diseases that usually affect a person because of weak immunity.  Physical activity enhances the rate at which white blood cells reach all parts of the body. It also increases sweat production which is a great way to remove toxins from our body. The body temperature also rises when playing sports, which ultimately lessens the chances of bacterial growth in our bodies.

How can you participate in the program?

You can get yourself registered very easily for the program. The registration process is starting from 1/19/2018-1/21/2018.

How people of west Seattle community will be benefitted from sports:

There is no doubt that introducing sports can bring about a healthy change in any community. Approximately 400 people are going to be benefitted through this plan that will introduce sports competitions such as running, walking, cycling and ping pong. All these games require rigorous physical activity that is excellent for health of our community.

Stagnant life style is the main cause of deterioration of general health of public. Our platform will provide an excellent chance to people to enjoy themselves and strengthen their health.  Sports will not only strengthen the health of our community but also inculcates various healthy attributes in our society such as teamwork, tolerance and goal setting.

We are very thankful to our main sponsor for the program. Brand is very famous and well known for their contribution in welfare of our community.

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